8 Dating Tricks For A Feminist Man (Guy)

Dating tricks and tips for men
Dating Tricks for a Feminist Man (Guy)
Man is naturally built to get attracted to a woman. It is from this attraction stem other needs which beckons for the presence of a woman in a mans life. It’s important to note that a guy doesn't need the presence of just any girl in his life, but he wants a girl who can complement him. Every man does feel the inner need to have that special “girl of his dreams". Which is why we will be looking at the following ways a guy can get the girl he wants.

1. Be very clear as regard what you want in a woman

 For every guy, there is always a lady who will complement and make you feel like a man this is because such lady will bring the best out of the guy. There is no way to know if she has all that qualities at first sight to support the quote that says “you can't know what's inside a book by the cover”. Know exactly what you want so that when you come across her, you will know.

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2. Pay close attention to your appearance

Your appearance is your brand. Everybody loves good appearances. Appearance here doesn't mean you have to look expensive. It comprises of your hair, facials, dress, posture and the list goes on. "Dress the way you want to be addressed". Most guys overlook this, but it’s very crucial.

3. Be yourself, be real, don’t be a pretender

Nobody likes being lied to. If you put on a facade of who you are not and she gets to know later, what do you think she will do? Your guess is as good as mine. Therefore, go out with the mindset of displaying who you really are, it will surprise you that there are lots of ladies who love who you are, just give them that chance to meet the real you.

4. Stop being tongue-tied

Get up and go out, stop wishing and hoping. If you like her, ask her out. You never know, she just might feel the same way. There is no way she can become yours through wishes. The worst she'll do is say 'no', and that my friend is not the end of the world. 

5. Laughing, the best medicine

Don’t be too serious with life, make her laugh and laugh with her. Laughing makes life easy and bearable. Ladies have lots of things going on in their mind and some are stressed out from their daily activities. Make here laugh, it will make her like you, and might eventually fall in love with you.

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6. Talk about your Dreams and ask about hers

Nobody likes a "no future ambition". Talking about your dreams, aspirations and how you intend to achieve them makes her feel she is with someone with direction. Also, ask her about her dreams too.  Surprisingly, sharing your dreams together can give both of you the drive to achieve your dreams.

7. Get to know her well

Be genuinely interested in her. Do not give the impression that you are after something for your own selfish reasons. Ask genuine question as regards her well being. We humans have a way of sensing 'fake' concerns from people. If you are faking your show of concern towards her, chances are that she will eventually get to know sooner or later.

8. Get her to meet your family and Friends

 As you get closer, its time to let her meet your family and friends. The good thing about this is both of you have a lot to gain from getting to meet each others friend since they are a big part of ones life. Sometimes it can be a disaster, especially if your friends disapprove of her or vice versa. Nevertheless, it will eventually take place, because you can not separate your love life from your family and friends.