5 Types Of Food and Fruit That Make Your Dick Bigger And Stronger


5 Types Of Foods That Make Your Dick Bigger And Stronger
5 Types Of Foods That Make Your Dick Bigger And Stronger

Have you been haunted with the following questions all your life?

"how to make my penis bigger with food?"

"how to increase the size of my penis with dieting?"

"which fruits to eat to make my dick thicker and longer?"

"can banana and avocado fruit enlarge my penis and make it long and thick?" etc

The above questions and more have crossed your mind just because your penis is small?

It is a fact that "all men are not born with equal dick". This explains why some men are born endowed with a penis that will make any woman scream at the top of her voice during love making.
On the other hand, some men are not as fortunate in terms of penis size. Thus the need for enlargement of their male organs.

If you find yourself in this category, there might be how to get a bigger dick naturally. Just sit back and grab a cup of coffee as we reveal some certain food that will help grow your dick naturally and give your dick strength during sex.

There are ingredients found in some supplements which can help your dick to increase in length and thickness when you take the right quantity.
These supplement are derived from food and are usually sold in form of drug. When you take these supplements, You are taking these ingredients in a concentrated form which have side effects. Some of these supplements have preservative added to them, these are also harmful to your health.

When you eat food that contain dick enlargement ingredients, you are taking it in its natural form which is very healthy for the body.
Taking these food are also cheap when compared to the exorbitant price you pay for these supplements and most importantly, these food have no side effects.

The most important factor in dick enlargement is blood flow. Whether its enlargement, strong erection or long and lasting ejaculation, the free flow of blood around the body and the penis will have a great impact.

The ingredients found in the food listed below are essential for penis growth and function. Nevertheless, you should not take them in excess.
It is important to speak with your doctor before eating these food especially if you have one health issue or the other.


1. Food rich in L-arginine

This is one of the most known and powerful ingredient for penis enlargement and strengthening. This mineral is synthesize in the body to produce nitrogen oxide (NO), which is responsible for relaxation of penile smooth muscle.
 a) It is important in the regulation of blood pressure and increase in blood flow.
 b) Increase in libido and testosterone, thus making it possible to have a strong erection and lasting sex.
 c) Increase in sperm production and motility.
 L-Arginine can be found in the following food: Water melon, nut, beans, dairy products etc.
It is important to note that L-arginine containing food is the best diet on how to enlarge your penis naturally at home.

Food rich in L-Arginine
Food rich in L-Arginine

2. Food rich in Magnesium

Magnesium has so many benefits to the body, but we are concern about its function with regards to the penis. This can help you in the following ways:
 a) Increase the flow of blood in the body.
 b) It help to keeps the heart healthy.

 Magnesium can be found in the following food: Spinach, Peanut, Cashew, Almond, Dark chocolate, Banana etc.

Food rich in Magnesium
Food rich in Magnesium

3. Food rich in selenium

When taking food containing selenium, not less than 50 microgram should be taken daily because when its too much it can become harmful to the health. The following are the benefits:
 a) Increase in testosterone.
 b)increase in sperm production and motility.
Selenium are found in the following foods: Cashew, beans, Soybean, broccoli, avocado, strawberry etc.

Food rich in Selenium
Food rich in Selenium

4. Food rich in Potassium

Potassium has the following advantages in the body that help to increase and strengthen the dick. The following are the benefits of potassium with regards to your penis:
 a) This help to control blood pressure in the body which ensures it's neither high or low.
 b) It helps in circulation of blood.
 c) It reduces the risk of having heart problems.
 Potassium can be found in the following food: Banana, yam, milk, avocado, coconut water, soybeans ,almond, bran etc.

Food rich in Potassium
Food rich in Potassium



5. Food rich in Catechin

Catechin has a lot of benefit to the body but the following are its benefits to the penis:
 a) It help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases(cocoa).
 b) It help to regulate blood flow and boost blood pressure.
 c) It provides a small reduction of prostate cancer(green tea)

 Others food containing catechin are pomegranate fruits, prune juice, vinegar, barley grain

Food rich in Catechin
Food rich in Catechin

In conclusion, there are so many ways to increase your penis both online and offline presently. Getting the dick increased is not the issue, but the most important thing is " will the penis be free from side effects after following these methods"
So far, getting your penis increased naturally with food and fruit is still the best because it has no side effects. 

So next time when someone ask you "what foods or fruits make your dick bigger?" now you have your answers.

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