Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement Types

Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement Pills, Vacuum Pumps, Stretching Devices and surgery.
Side Effects Or Dangers Of Penis Enlargement Products
If you have a small penis, you must have had one or two unpleasant experience(s) with a women which must have left you with frustration.

In this frustrated state, its likely for you to be emotional, thus making hasty and irrational decisions.
This is why you will do anything to get your penis increased.

The producers and marketers of these penis enlargement products know you can do anything to increase your dick, so they capitalize on this to enrich themselves.

Buying and using these products is not even the issue but the problem here is that, these products may provide a temporary solution and have permanent side effects with different severity which can even make your condition worse than having a small penis.

Therefore, you are advised to be wary of these enlargement programs as warned by United State Food and Drug Administration (USFDA or FDA).

There are different methods of penis enlargement products and programs advertised both online and offline.


Below are some of the penis enlargement methods and their side effects:

1. Penile Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is made up of a pump (manual or electrical), ring or constriction band and a cylinder.

The penis is inserted into the cylinder while the pump helps to suck out air from the cylinder creating a vacuum.
As more vacuum is created, the more blood fills the penis thus more erection. Since the penile tissue in the penis are elastic the more it is being pumped the more it increases, just like pumping a tyre. The ring or constriction band is placed at the bottom of the penis to hold blood from leaving the penis.

What the vacuum pump does is aid more blood to reach the penis. While at it, it gives you the impression that penis has increased. The moment you remove the pump, the penis goes back to its original size.

Side Effects Or Dangers Of Penis Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump would have been a very good method to cure erectile dysfunction but for the following side effects;
1. Damage to the elastic tissues and nerves.
2. Starve the penis tissues of fresh oxygenated blood.
3. In the case of over pumping, the capillaries and blood vessels gets ruptured causing large bruises to appear on the penile shaft.
4. Blisters and discoloration of the penis skin.
5. Lead to weak erection and eventually impotence.
In conclusion, the pump does not in any way increase the penis.

2. Penile Surgery (Phalloplasty)

This is the surgery done on the penis to increase the girth, length, correct curvature etc.

To increase the length of the penis, a penile lengthening surgery is done. The suspensory ligament on which the penis is attached to the pubic bone is released. During this procedure, a small incision is made in the pubic region. The suspensory ligament is identified, dissected and released.

After this is done, the penis looks and feels longer by half an inch only when flaccid. On erection the penis will still retain its previous length.

To increase the thickness of the penis, penile widening surgery is done. Fats or alloderm are injected into the penis. This will enhance the penis girth-wise.

Usually after the penile lengthening surgery, patients are required to hang a weight to enhance the increment.

Side Effects Or Dangers Of Penile Surgery (Phalloplasty)

Phalloplasty might have been the best way to increase the penis but for the following;
1. Complication may arise during surgery.
2. The nerves in the penis might get damaged.
3. Might not feel the penis (loss of sensitivity) after the surgery.
4. Scaring on the penis and might end up having a shorter penis.
5. The increment might only be obvious when the penis is flaccid and not reflect when erect.
6. Expensive and one can become infected.

In conclusion, phalloplasty is recommended for correction of defects, injury, aesthetic and cosmetic.

3. Penis Enlargement Pills

It is important to note that as at today there are no pills that can increase the penis.
The highest pills can do is make more blood to be pumped to the penis, and since the pumping of blood will be more than that which your body would have normally sent to the penis if you had not taken pills, this will make the penis fully erect and strong thereby giving you the impression that your penis is bigger.

Side Effects Or Dangers Of Enhancement Pills

1.The downside to these pills is that most of them are not regulated.
2.Most of them have FDA recalls because they contain unlisted ingredients. Some of these ingredients are very dangerous to the health.

4. Stretching/Jelqing

Most of the marketers of stretching devices and advocate of jelqing liken the penis as chest or arm that you build while doing exercise.
 They are partly right to make such comparison because the penis also contains tissues and muscles. They forget that the penis is a very tender and sensitive part of the male organ and have tendency of being affected by this methods.
 You can never be careful enough if you undergo this program because you will surely come down with a side effect minor or major. Afterwards, you will find out that it does not worth it after all.
Though several people have increased their penis using this method but not without a side effects.

Side Effects Or Dangers Of Stretching/Jelqing

1.This method has known to cause scarring.
2. It causes damage to the tissues and nerves in the penis.
3. The continuous friction on the penis during jelqing can bring about reduction in sensitivity and eventually result in erectile dysfunction.

If you have spent a lot of time and money buying and using all the above mentioned penis enlargement procedures with no result (and no side effect if you are lucky), and have asked yourself the
following questions:

Is penis enlargement a scam?

Does penis enlargement really work?

Will penis enlargement affect my penis?


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