10 Erogenous (Sensitive) Zones In A Woman

Erogenous (Sensitive) Zones In A Woman
Erogenous (Sensitive) Zones In A Woman
Erogenous zones are parts of the body that get a woman aroused when touched with the hand, lips, tongues etc.

"A woman’s body is like an aero plane, before it flies, it has to move on the runway for few minutes to gather momentum before ascending"

It is usually difficult for women to orgasm just by penetration without foreplay.

Foreplay prepares her body and helps build up tension which gets her ready for easy penetration and enjoyable sex.

For women sex starts from the moment you look at her in a certain sexy way that can arouse her. This is followed by the soft and sexy words that will make her vagina drip with juice.

Finally comes the physical touches and the penetration which completes the process. Unlike men, who can get ready for sex within a second after seeing, hearing, feeling etc., an erotic image.

If you want to really become a professional in bed, you must acknowledge and understand the way a woman’s body work.

A woman’s body speaks even louder than when she talks but all it requires from you is to be attentive, very observant and know how and where to touch to arouse her. 

Every part of a woman will tell you something when touched the right way and with gentleness.
Different women respond differently when their erogenous areas are stimulated. The best way to know a woman’s sensitive zone is by experimenting and by discussing it with her.

To discover the hot spot of a woman, you have to be very observant. You have to listen to the sounds she makes, feel her body and look at her reactions.

Below are the 10 unusual erogenous zones in women

1. Neckline, Shoulder, Upper Back And Spine

Gently massage area of the shoulder close to the neck. Blow hot air form the mouth. Touch it with wet lips. You can even nibble it slightly.

Neckline, Shoulder, Upper, back and spine
Neckline, Shoulder, Upper, back and spine

2. Ears

Blowing hot air from the mouth. You can Lick, kiss, nibble and caress the ears.


3. Lips And Mouth

Aside from being an erogenous zone, it also helps in relationship building. This part is stimulated by kissing, licking and tonguing.

Lips and Mouth
Lips and Mouth

4. Breast And Nipple

Sucking nipple and rolling your tongue around it while your hand presses the breast.

Breast and Nipple
Breast and Nipple

5. Navel

Licking, blowing air from the mouth, kissing and touching.


6. Bum

Squeeze and caressing it during foreplay. Tapping and hitting it during sex.


7. Thigh

Caressing, blow air with the mouth and licking.


8. Clitoris

Rubbing it in circle, sucking it, tapping it, blowing air. This is the most pleasurable spot of a woman. Touching the clitoris can arouse a woman instantly and make her ready for sex. Pressure and vibration are the best way to stimulate it aside from touch. Make big circles with your fingers that include the shaft, labia, and upper part of the clitoral hood.
For some women touching the clitoris directly can be too sensitive. For women like this, focus on the hood of the clitoris.

Clitoris, G-spot, Cervix
Clitoris, G-spot, Cervix

9. G-Spot

These are nerve endings which are very sensitive and found in the anterior wall of the vagina. Insert the finger and do a come here sign in rapid succession.

10. Cervix

Use your hand to circle round it over and over with gentleness but firm pressure. This should increase a tension in her and make her beg you to insert your dick.

It is not enough to know the pleasure areas in a woman but it is important to know if she is being aroused and if all your moves on her are having any impact. 

The following are the signs to watch during foreplay and sex

Goose pimples

Feel her arms, shoulders and thighs for goose pimples.

Quick breaths

Watch her breathe. If it quickens then you are doing a good job.

Eyes Closing

The moment you watch her and she closes her eyes, just don’t stop what you are doing. She is enjoying it.

Nipple Hardens

Her nipple becomes hard.

Opened Mouth

Some ladies open their mouth wide when you are doing it right.

Moaning and Groaning

That "uuuuhhh", "aaaaahhhh", "oooohhhh" sounds she makes also let you know you are really digging her.

Convulsing, Shuddering or Shivering

Some women does these too.

Wet Vagina

Aside from taking her to cloud nine, this is the reward you get for engaging in foreplay because this makes your entrance into her vagina very easy. This also tells you she is ready to have you inside her.

Different women responds differently, some will respond with one of the above pointers, while some will show more than one. What ever the response, ensure you are not too carried away to observe it.

Now you know her weak points and what will turn her on and make her enjoy making love with you, its time to have fun.

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